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Keep Our Community Safe from Wildfires

The Meadows Firesafe Council is a non-profit, local volunteer organization established in 2006. We are dedicated to making The Meadows and Chaney Trail safer from catastrophic wildfire through community resources and education. 

Ready-Set-Go Personal Wildfire Plan

The best plan for protecting our neighborhood starts with you.

You can dramatically increase your safety and the survivability of your property by preparing well in advance of a wildfire. Our easy-to-follow guide provides comprehensive information on how to improve your home’s resistance to wildfires and prepare your family to be ready to leave early in a safe manner. We call this process, “Ready, Set, Go!”

Free Firesafe Programs

Defensible Space Advisory Visit

This program provides a confidential one-on-one consultation at your home for comprehensive education on compliance with defensible space requirements around structures.

Native Plant Service

This service will allow you to make plant selections from our collection of native and drought tolerant plants, and if needed, we can also come and plant them for you. Limited to Altadena residents.

Home Fire Hardening Consultation

In-home assessment to help owners understand possible fire vulnerabilities on their property and provide suggestions on steps you can take. Emphasis on low-cost improvements.

Access & Functional Needs

Low-income residents or those with medical disabilities may qualify for free assistance with defensible space clearing.

Community Meetings

Education meetings to learn about fire safety, native plants, and coping with drought, as well as opportunities to sign up for our programs and alerts.

Community Alerts

We provide a private alert system to help notify you of fires, other emergencies, and important events via phone, email, or text.

Volunteer with Meadows Firesafe

Volunteer Days

The opportunity to come together as a community to clear brush and fire fuels in surrounding areas. Help our neighbors in need or simply enjoy this beautiful neighborhood we call home. Training is provided and we are fully insured.

fund meadows firesafe council

No time to volunteer? Donations are helpful too.

Meadows Firesafe Council is a non-profit, community-funded organization dedicated to keeping our neighborhood safe. Your donations make it possible for us to organize programs, create educational materials, and more.